Broadcast live on our station 5/30/22 @ 7pm

Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "Frenemies (feat. Genevieve V.)" from "Frenemies [single]"
Gabba Ghoul - "Live Every Week Like it's Shark Week - Live" from "Live! @ The Grander Canyon"
arcuti - "its okay" from "its okay"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Broken Heart" from "Broken Heart"
Andrew & the Valentines - "Esperanza" from "W/ You In Kearny: Live at Jimmy's"
The Clydes - "Stay With Me" from "Golden"
Old Smile - "Say" from "Say [single]"
Cantations - "Produced" from "GOOD [EP]"
Jordan Hackett - "Older" from "Three more"
Sapphire Universe - "Scars Into Stars" from "Pretty Red Flags"
Unlettered - "Looked Up" from "Selinsgrove"
Ill-Advised - "Doomsday Countdown" from "Hard Times"
Dassven - "Epiphany" from "Seekers of Truth"
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