Broadcast live on our station 5/23/22 @ 7pm

Amanda Duncan - "Don't You Feel Like Dancin'" from "Big Time Superhero"
Planet Janitor - "Motel Party" from "The Lawnmower Man EP"
Quiz Show - "Sun is Green" from "Stole The Sky"
Don Ryan - "Dear Victoria" from "Mint 400 Records Presents: Zoe's Project"
aisha & echos - "i should die more often" from "invert muzak for inverts"
Dustmightz - "Better Half" from "Wine, Women & Disco"
Ferocious Designs - "Waiting on You" from "Waiting on You [single]"
echo plum - "Green" from "Hunny - EP"
plague skater - "rip (new)" from "psep"
Jacob Mathews - "Miss My Calls" from "Miss My Calls [single]"
Marc Ambrosia - "When I'm Craving Love" from "Edge"
Daniel Blanchard - "Subtle" from "Call of the Void"
Driving Underwater - "Angry" from "Angry [single]"
Loner - "Sorry She Let Me" from "Sorry She Let Me [single]"
The Atomic Dinosaurs - "Kill Your Phone" from "Kill Your Phone"
Paper Geese - "maybe i wish i could hate you both" from "Scraps & Bits (Casey's Demos)"
The Vanity Scene - "Frenemy" from "Leaving Hudson EP"
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