Broadcast live on our station 5/16/22 @ 7pm

Keep Flying - "Firesale LIVE" from "Firesale LIVE [single]"
Mike Chick - "Not You" from "I Don't Write Love Songs"
Unlettered - "Die is Cast" from "Port Royal"
Jake Gussman - "Midnight & Morning (live studio demo)" from "The Midnight & Morning EP"
Sunfaders - "Lackawanna Goldspar" from "Lackawanna Goldspar [single]"
screenager - "burner phone (live)" from "burner phone (live) [single]"
The Mutts - "Rock & Roll Therapy" from "To Everyone In Particular: The Pandemic Tapes"
veterinarian declan - "turn off all the dirt" from "im a veterinarian"
Psychiatric Metaphors - "Silent As Fish" from "Surrealist Realities"
We Don't Exist - "They Don't Know" from "II"
Alpha Rabbit - "Wrong Side of Thirty" from "Eternity"
Downtown Mystic - "Fly" from "Fly [single]"
Commonplace - "Track One" from "Sounds From My Parents' Basment"
Cherry Parke - "Moneylender" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 4"
RP - "The Plumber" from "Call of the Void"
delcada - "Marth [prod. Lifestealer]" from "Marth [single]"
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