Broadcast live on our station 4/19/22 @ 7pm

New Norde - "Bleeder" from "Whatever's Clever"
Bakers Eddy - "Drinking Mood" from "Love Boredom Bicycles"
The Interrupters - "In The Mirror" from "In The Wild"
Neil Howell - "In The Way" from "Overview"
Smallpox - "Something I Once Read" from "Mea Culpa"
Mean Jeans - "My Body Is A Wasteland" from "Hits From The Bog"
Kyla Tilley - "Bloom & Grow" from "Bloom & Grow [single]"
Autumn Chamberlain - "Second Chances" from "My Turn"
Lizzy McAlpine - "Firearm" from "Five Seconds Flat"
Porridge Radio - "The Rip" from "The Rip [single]"
Grae - "Forget You" from "Whiplash"
EG Daily - "We Got The Beat" from "If You Gotta GO-GO, GO-GO Now"
The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Lifetime" from "The Rise"
Mapache - "They Don't Know At the Beach" from "Roscoe's Dream"
girlhouse - "paul blart mall cop" from "paul blart mall cop [single]"
Keith Rowe - "Traveling on Country Roads" from "Traveling on Country Roads [single]"
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