Broadcast live on our station 4/12/22 @ 7pm

James Booth & The Return - "I Nowhere You've Been" from "Postcards From The New Frontier"
Heart To Gold - "Respect" from "Tom"
Joyce Manor - "Gotta Let It Go" from "40 oz. To Fresno"
Autumn Rhythm - "Over/Under the Weather" from "Seasonal Split"
Scruchies - "Ditch" from "Feral Coast"
Suzi Moon - "Gold Record Autograph" from "Animal"
The Clash & Ranking Roger - "Rock The Casbah" from "Combat Rock: The People's Hall Special Edition"
Tijuana Panthers - "Helping Hand" from "Halfway to Eight"
Wallows - "Marvelous" from "Tell Me That It's Over"
Jordy Searcy - "Molly" from "Shoulda Been In A Band"
Rio Glacier - "The Evening Is A Robber" from "The Evening Is A Robber [single]"
Michael Rault - "Neither Love Nor Money" from "A New Day Tonight"
THE BLSSM - "Not Today" from "Pure Energy"
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - "Bob Holiday" from "Night Gnomes"
Polyplastic - "Ways To Get In Trouble" from "Medium Complications"
Gentlemen Rogues - "Francy" from "Francy [single]"
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