Broadcast live on our station 4/4/22 @ 7pm

Defecting Grey - "Radios On" from "Arc"
Worst Sumo - "New Dance of the Week" from "Ctrl Alt Repeat vol. 2"
Aiers - "Fall" from "Fall [single]"
Summer Arachnid - "Constellations" from "Seasonal Split"
Hit Like A Girl - "Monsters (Acoustic)" from "Heart Breaker"
Pillowinde - "Courtney" from "Pillowinde"
Eddie Skuller - "Headlines" from "Headlines [single]"
Boogie Down Apocalypse - "Girl U Want [Devo cover]" from "One Last Big Bang"
Juniper - "Turn To You" from "If You Gotta GO-GO, GO-GO Now"
Sean Faust - "Who Are You, Anyway? (acoustic)" from "Who Are You, Anyway? (acoustic) [single]"
Tom Costello and the Turnaround - "Lazy Old Town" from "Willow"
Trent Carr - "Popcorn" from "Popcorn [single]"
Face For Radio - "Sitting Here Alone" from "Neumann Sessions EP"
blank effort - "A Mention" from ""It's great to see ya!""
Crowded Parks - "Moving On" from "Ctrl Alt Repeat vol. 2"
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