Broadcast live on our station 3/28/22 @ 7pm

Alex Julia - "Cry Wolf" from "Cry Wolf [single]"
The New Bardots - "(Just) Another Dance In The City" from "(Just) Another Dance In The City [single]"
Amanda Sikoral - "Aligned" from "Aligned [single]"
Joe Billy & Elementality - "Storm" from "Storm [single]"
Aw Shucks - "Impulses" from "Impulses"
Being Still - "Selene" from "You Can't Stay Here"
Dune Grass - "Sands Roads Under the Pines" from "Sands Roads Under the Pines [single]"
Tom Costello and the Turnaround - "This Old House" from "Willow"
Signal Valley - "Walking in the Woods" from "Gardens"
The Jack Moves - "Somebody's Watching You" from "Somebody's Watching You [single]"
Jason Didner - "This Man's Eyes" from "This Man's Eyes [single]"
Blue Vervain - "Grave" from "Seasons"
Keith Monacchio - "I'll Protect You" from "Under a Nightlight Sky"
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