Broadcast live on our station 3/21/22 @ 7pm

Tom Costello and the Turnaround - "I Want to Run" from "Willow"
Andrew Valentino - "A Few Strides" from "Abscond"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Strugglin'" from "Strugglin' [single]"
Keith Monacchio - "Soda Popinski" from "Under a Nightlight Sky"
Christian Beach - "Clean Livin'" from "Direct and Free"
The Planet Earth BDM Band - "Rutt Fluid" from "The Planet Earth BDM Band"
Bosco and Peck - "The Story of a Bitterman" from "The Story of a Bitterman"
Commons 2 - "March 23, 2021" from "Exit On"
Graduation Speech - "Patterns" from "Controlled Burn"
Matthew Mirliani - "cried when it ended" from "division/cried when it ended"
Rob Lives - "Dead Sled" from "Dead Sled [single]"
OC Rippers - "Big Brotha'" from "Big Brotha"
Troll Teeth - "Move" from "Hanged, Drawn, & Quartered"
The Maravines - "Hawk in the Fog [Tri-State cover]" from "Nylon Covers"
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