Broadcast live on our station 3/14/22 @ 7pm

Troll Teeth - "Gallows on the Playground" from "Hanged, Drawn, & Quartered"
Vakili Band - "Rachel" from "Walking Sideways"
Out Of Service - "A Moment Tapped In Time (Feat. Emery)" from "The Ground Beneath Me"
Blue Vervain - "Seasons" from "Seasons [EP]"
Nick and the Leg-Heavy Boys - "Nineteen" from "Hey There Stranger!"
beige monk - "arms & legs" from "our lady of sandy hook"
The Maravines - "Oh" from "BlowUpRadio Webathon"
Pete Jager - "Good To Be Here" from "Acoustic 2022"
Pat Veil - "Dead Car" from "Live and Alone"
veterinarian declan - "win" from "demo 2"
Meteor Police - "Odd Construct" from "Odd Construct [single]"
Painters - "Fucked In The Head" from "Painters"
Gin War - "Diamond Ring" from "Diamond Ring [single]"
Tough Honey - "Jackie Carolina" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 2"
The Warhawks - "Reruns" from "This Ain't Art [EP]"
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