Broadcast live on our station 2/21/22 @ 7pm

Molly Ringworm - "Nana" from "Seems"
OWEL - "We All Get Lost" from "The Salt Water Well"
Rob Russell - "Albany" from "untitled Album"
Nick and the Leg-Heavy Boys - "No" from "Hey There Stranger!"
The Mayor of Bad News - "Brake-Cutters" from "Hit It With the Hose"
Loner - "Bride of Godzilla" from "Bride of Godzilla [single]"
Keith Monacchio - "All The Things That He Said" from "Under a Nightlight Sky"
Reverie Foster - "love - stripped" from "missing puzzle pieces - stripped"
Laree Cisco - "Until the Day I Die" from "FAWM 2022"
Tom Warnick - "Shut In" from "My Sanity is Up to You"
Joe Juliano - "Mary On A Cross [Ghost cover]" from "Mary On A Cross [single]"
Diego Allessandro - "Closer To Free [BoDeans cover]" from "Closer to Free [single]"
Fruit Dawg - "Dancing On My Own [Robyn cover]" from "the Heart tape"
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