Broadcast live on our station 2/15/22 @ 7pm

Divided Heaven - "Beginning of the End" from "Oblivion"
July Talk - "I Am Water" from "I Am Water [single]"
Sports - "Damn I'm Tired" from "Get A Good Look"
Catherine Wacha - "A Bullet to a Gun (Only You)" from "Stagnate"
Night Shop - "Just To Get Home" from "Forever Night"
The Rural Alberta Advantage - "CANDU" from "CANDU [single]"
Eddie Vedder - "Try" from "Earthling"
Ann Beretta - "Better Medicine (w/ Chris DeMakes)" from "Rise"
Escape From The Zoo - "Learning Curve" from "Countin' Cards"
My Idea - "Cry Mfer" from "CRY MFER"
Me Rex - "Giant Giant (Destruction Story)" from "Pterodactyl"
Marios Papalexis - "This Song's For You My Love" from "This Song's For You My Love [single]"
Owen FitzGerald - "Dark Meat" from "A deep clean you can count on!"
Dan Andriano & The Bygones - "It's A Trap Door" from "Dear Darkness"
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