Broadcast live on our station 2/14/22 @ 7pm

The Carousers - "Valentine" from "Valentine [single]"
Laree Cisco - "The Wrong Side of History" from "FAWM 2022"
Sweaty Lamarr - "Mysteries" from "Mysteries [single]"
Rawan - "Homeless Heart" from "Homeless Heart [single]"
Shocking Twist - "red flannel hat" from "atrophy/catastrophe"
Jacob Mathews & Augie Kelliher - "Make It A Long Time" from "Make It A Long Time [single]"
The Random Hubiak - "Joyful Noise" from "Jabberwalrus Brings the Silence"
Will Wiggins - "Apologize" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 1"
Debra Devi - "Please Mr. Postman [The Marvelettes cover]" from "Please Mr. Postman [single]"
skull mountain - "talking part 2" from "skull mountain"
The Mayor of Bad News - "Hit It With the Hose" from "Hit It With the Hose"
Mother Nevada - "Plain Cait & Sweet Smokin' Joe" from "First Rays of Last Days"
Homemade Mess - "(Sorta Sorting) It Out" from "Homemade Mess"
The Scrambled Eggs - "What the Heck" from "Do You Believe in Gravity?"
Jason Didner - "A Moment of Loving Kindness (feat. Leslie Masuzzo)" from "Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind"
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