Broadcast live on our station 2/1/22 @ 7pm

Avataria - "Crash" from "Crash [single]"
Franz Ferdinand - "Curious" from "Curious [single]"
The Sherlocks - "Plastic Heart" from "World I Understand"
Josiah Johnson - "Hello, Hello On Fire!" from "Hello, Hello On Fire! [single]"
Jesse Terry - "All Through the Night [Cyndi Lauper cover]" from "Forget me Nots"
Crys Matthews - "Sister's Keeper" from "Sister's Keeper [single]"
The City View - "Learning What I Don't Know" from "Learning What I Don't Know [single]"
Piers Faccini - "Smile On" from "Everloving vs. Evil"
They Might Be Giants - "I Can't Remember The Dream (alt. version)" from "I Can't Remember The Dream (alt. version) [single]"
Listen, Natalia - "Enthralled With You" from "Sweetest Girl"
Annette Adler - "It Feels Forever" from "Color My World"
Palace - "Fade" from "Shoals"
Fast Eddy - "Help Me" from "Take A Look"
Giant - "Let Our Love Win" from "Shifting Time"
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