Broadcast live on our station 1/11/22 @ 7pm

Catherine Wacha - "Stagnate" from "Stagnate [single]"
Lizzy McAlpine - "Erase Me (feat. Jacob Collier)" from "Erase Me [single]"
Heather Sarona - "I'll Be Lost" from "Head Above Water"
Colie Brice - "Masquerade" from "Luna Muse Vol. XL"
Scary Goldings - "Tacobell's Canon" from "IV"
Ben Reel - "Isolation Blues" from "Isolation Blues [single]"
Marble Party - "High School Hill" from "Time and Time Again"
Let's Eat Grandma - "Happy New Year" from "Happy New Year [single]"
The Homeless Gospel Choir - "Pittsburgh Shoes" from "Split EP"
Terry Family - "The Walls Stand On and On" from "Hometown Tragedies"
Janis Ian - "Better Times Will Come" from "The Light at the End of the Line"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Botify The People" from "Botify The People"
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