Broadcast live on our station 1/10/22 @ 7pm

The Craig Torso Show - "The Work of an Astronomer" from "Conflagration Vespers"
Teenage Halloween - "Burn" from "Split EP"
Christian Beach - "Richard Bandler" from "Richard Bandler [single]"
Geverend Dee - "Make It Through Alive" from "Geverend's Exquisite Cadaver"
EGoGo - "Never" from "When Will It End"
The Maravines - "Turquoa" from "Bradley"
All Systems Go - "Don't Let Me Go" from "Don't Let Me Go [single]"
We Were The Remotes - "Family Values" from "Bari"
Tough Honey - "Selena" from "Painting A Song: Volume 51"
Ancient Babies - "New Idea" from "New Year | Ano Nuevo"
Dean Howey - "Closer (Fictious "You")" from "Painting A Song: Volume 52"
The Bitter Chills - "Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)" from "Mint 400 Records At The Movies II"
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