Broadcast live on our station 12/20/21 @ 7pm

North Of Us - "Ground Game" from "Other Dimensions"
Disseriph - "An Adventurer In Need Of Assistance (Live - DYWADW)" from "Anthology"
Big Rips - "Smockin" from "Smockin [single]"
Chris Rockwell - "Better Days" from "Hey Dennis Thanks a Lot EP"
Aeon Station - "Everything At Once" from "Observatory"
Mark Parker - "Don't Say Anything" from "Ghosts of Parker Past: A Compilation"
Jason Didner - "Distorted" from "Distorted [single]"
Johnny Germ - "B.S.A. [Brian Jonestown Massacre cover]" from "B.S.A. [single]"
Vincent Brue - "Carved" from "Pure Butt (A Work In Progress)"
Amanda Rose Riley - "You Could Do Anything" from "Coming Home"
Matthew Mirliani - "Time 2 Forget" from "Time Capsule"
Don Lee - "We Can Go Alone" from "Downtown Daydream"
Matthew Pelli - "We Can Make It" from "We Can Make It [single]"
Crosstalk Club - "In The New Old Days" from "Liftoff"
Radar & Satellite - "Have I Gone Insane? (Or Have I Seen Enough?)" from "Red Kettle"
The Successful Failures - "Let The Power Go Through You" from "James Cotton Mather"
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