Broadcast live on our station 11/16/21 @ 7pm

Franz Ferdinand - "Billy Goodbye" from "Hits To The Head"
Sam Fender - "Get You Down" from "Seventeen Going Under"
The Technicolors - "Howl" from "Cinema Sublimina"
Shilpa Ray - "Bootlickers Of the Patriarchy" from "Bootlickers Of the Patriarchy"
Janis Ian - "Resist" from "The Light At The End Of The Line"
Palm Tree Girls - "Labor Party" from "Lunch"
Hush Club - "Now It's Gone" from "Fingerprints & Stains"
Guilty Giraffe - "Head of the Bore" from "Pacing"
Mitski - "The Only Heartbreaker" from "The Only Heartbreaker [single]"
Marissa Burwell - "Take A Load Off" from "Bittersweet"
Natalie Jane Hill - "Euphoria" from "Solely"
Geographer - "Lost In A Love Song" from "Down and Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights"
Night Moves - "Fallacy Actually" from "Fallacy Actually [single]"
girlhouse - "happy now" from "the second ep"
Elenowen - "Believer" from "Say I Don't Scare You"
Travel Horse - "Chase Around The Sun" from "Interlude"
Hot Water Music - "Killing Time" from "Feel The Void"
Postage - "Mail Pattern" from "Postage"
Alex Clare - "Why Don't Ya" from "Why Don't Ya [single]"
ME REX - "Never Graduate" from "Pterodactyl EP"
Endearments - "Empress" from "Father of Wands"
Gonzo - "Rock my Boat" from "Rock my Boat [single]"
Pokey LaFarge - "Killing Time" from "In The Blossom Of Their Shade"
SUSTO - "Good Right Now" from "Time In The Sun"
Alan Parsons - "The Neverending Show" from "The Neverending Show: Live In The Netherlands"
Jared Mees & The Grown Children - "You Used To Know Me" from "PDX Pop Now! Vol. 18"
Toth - "Bluets" from "Death EP"
Coco - "Sage" from "Coco"
SWIIMS - "Call Me" from "At The Movies II"
Justin Courtney Pierre - "Temporary Education" from "Ghost World [EP]"
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