Broadcast live on our station 11/15/21 @ 7pm

The Gattsville Creeper - "(It Never Changes) Walk like a Zombie" from "Can't Ghost the Ghost"
Can't Swim - "Altamonte Explode" from "Change of Plans"
Big Rips - "Planet of Dipshits" from "Pretend Pretentious"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Running on Empty" from "Coming Home"
Dean Howey - "Tell Me You Love Me" from "Painting a Song: Volume 41"
Sonofdov - "Moon River" from "At The Movies II"
The Successful Failures - "Old Man River" from "James Cotton Mather"
Ghosthaus - "Void" from "Void [single]"
All Systems Go - "The One Where They Ride Off Into the Sunset" from "The One Where They Ride Off Into the Sunset [single]"
Matthew Pelli - "Nothing To Feel Sorry For" from "Subconscious Sounds"
Prototype:AT - "Scene 2: Application/Sam" from "Dreamscape 2 Demos"
brrgrr - "COVID" from "Distance - EP"
Shawn Collins - "Cowboy" from "The King of Haywood County"
Vakili Band - "Dreamy Dreamer" from "Dreamy Dreamer [single]"
Joe P - "Yellow Light" from "Emily Can't Sing"
Enjoy Every Moment - "Cheers With The Devil" from "EEM Live 10/1/2021"
DownTown Mystic - "Shadow Walk" from "The DownTown Demos"
Side Street Walker - "Hope" from "Shades of December"
Doug Gatta - "Ride" from "God's Lonely Man"
Jacob Mathews - "Icarus" from "Icarus [single]"
Commons 2 - "Keith" from "Who Do You Think You Are I Am"
Suntitle - "Royal Blue" from "In A Dream"
Save Face - "AM Gothic" from "Another Kill For The Highlight Reel"
Infinity Rat - "Another Day" from "Another Demos"
Damsel - "Lobster" from "New To You"
Renee Maskin - "When A Cowboy Trades His Wings For Spurs" from "At The Movies II"
PYNKIE - "2b (demo)" from "3 demos?? idk lol"
Sapwood - "Get Away Car" from "Creature of Habit"
Radar & Satellite - "It Ain't Easy, But It'll Be Alright" from "It Ain't Easy, But It'll Be Alright / It's All Shit"
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