Broadcast live on our station 11/9/21 @ 7pm

Latvian Radio - "Waiting On A Letter" from "Phooey!"
Greer - "Connect The Dots" from "Happy People EP"
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - "Love Don't" from "The Future"
Elenowen - "Say I Don't Scare You" from "Say I Don't Scare You"
ABBA - "Just A Notion" from "Voyage"
Singing River - "Embers (featuring Teagan Ward)" from "Embers (featuring Teagan Ward) [single]"
MDMP - "Just Like You" from "Day One"
Big D and the Kids Table - "Lost In London" from "Do Your Art"
Metronomy - "It's Good To Be Back" from "Small World"
Motherfolk - "Black Eye" from "The Flower"
The War On Drugs - "Wasted" from "I Don't Live Here Anymore"
Felin - "Wohoo" from "Heroes & Villains"
Sarah King - "Tulip or Turnip" from "Tulip or Turnip"
My Morning Jacket - "Lucky To Be Alive" from "My Morning Jacket"
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