Broadcast live on our station 11/1/21 @ 7pm

Save Face - "Another Kill For The Highlight Reel" from "Another Kill For The Highlight Reel"
Can't Swim - "10 Years Too Late" from "Change Of Plans"
Radar & Satellite - "It's All Shit" from "It Ain't Easy, But It'll Be Alright/It's All Shit"
Part-Time Custodian - "Cross The Bridge" from "Crowned In Afterglow"
Jacob Mathews - "The One I Used To Love" from "The One I Used To Love [single]"
Sweaty Lamarr - "I Have Always Been In Love With You" from "I Have Always Been In Love With You [single]"
Morningside Lane - "Good Men" from "Good Men [single]"
Ghosthaus - "Killjoy" from "Killjoy [single]"
Ill-Advised - "On The Run" from "On The Run [single]"
Commons 2 - "M.C." from "Who Do You Think You Are I Am"
bean trees - "i know that you love me" from "bean trees/buddy smiles"
Joe P - "Off My Mind" from "Emily Can't Sing"
Doug Gatta - "Gonna Come A Time" from "God's Lonely Man"
Pat Veil - "1 More Mile 2 Go (8 Miles High)" from "The Sickening World of Pat Veil"
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