Broadcast live on our station 10/25/21 @ 7pm

Crowded Shoulders - "Cul De Sac" from "Cul De Sac [single]"
Squirrel - "She Found Out" from "Electric Woodgrain"
Ghosthaus - "dead2me" from "dead2me [single]"
Wave Break - "Stop The Car" from "Puzzle Pieces"
Freezeheads - "Uh Huh" from "Uh Huh [single]"
Ian & The Joes - "Becoming a Statue" from "Gettin' Grip"
Ziggy Grover - "Atlantis" from "Welcome To Alphabet City"
Between Rooms - "Fall" from "Fall [single]"
The Maravines - "Each and Every Time" from "Each and Every Time [single]"
Chiba Neko - "Brand New Day" from "Brand New Day [single]"
I've Made Too Much Pasta - "A hole is a hole is a hole" from "How to drive a bus"
Reese Van Riper - "Cars" from "The Swamps Are Burning"
jonah & the whalers - "kentucky gurl" from "take me to the rodeo!"
Anonymous Conflict - "Somewhere in my Nightmares" from "Somewhere in my Nightmares"
The Pen Caps - "Orbital Blues" from "II EP"
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