Broadcast live on our station 10/12/21 @ 7pm

The Last Gang - "WFTW" from "Noise Noise Noise"
Face To Face - "This Is My Vanishing Act" from "No Way Out But Through"
Destroy Boys - "Escape" from "Open Mouth, Open Heart"
Hush Club - "One More Year" from "Fingerprints & Stains"
NoSo - "Suburbia" from "Suburbia [single]"
Bedouine - "The Wave" from "Waysides"
Pokey LaFarge - "Rotterdam" from "In The Blossom Of Their Shade"
Danielle Taylor - "Extra Ordinary" from "Real [EP]"
Hand Habits - "No Difference" from "Fun House"
NOBRO - "Better Each Day" from "Better Each Day [single]"
Laura Jane Grace - "Yesterday Pt. II" from "At War With The Silverfish [single]"
The Used - "River Stay" from "Heartwork (Deluxe)"
Ben Reel - "What Is Done (live)" from "Live @ JJ Smyths Dublin 2013"
Juice - "Girlfriend Song" from "Boy Story"
Jungle ft. Bas - "Romeo" from "Loving In Stereo"
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