Broadcast live on our station 10/5/21 @ 7pm

The Greeting Committee - "Make Out" from "Dandelion"
Absolutely Free - "Interface" from "Aftertouch"
Conditioner - "Ripcord" from "Conditioner"
Adia Victoria - "South For The Winter" from "A Southern Gothic"
Jose Gonzalez - "Line Of Fire" from "Local Valley"
Sam Johnson - "Wildfire" from "Along The Dark Edges Of Everything"
Gonzo - "Do You Feel Me (feat. EarthKry)" from "Do You Feel Me [single]"
Meta & The Cornerstones - "By Your Side" from "Dia"
Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise - "byoode (beauty)" from "Ke myoonede (Community)"
The Vaccines - "Heart Land" from "Back In Love City"
The Sherlocks - "City Lights" from "World I Understand"
Kitner - "Suddenly" from "Shake The Spins"
American Sigh - "Boyscout" from "Honor System"
Ships Have Sailed - "Love In October" from "Love In October [single]"
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