Broadcast live on our station 9/21/21 @ 7pm

Angel Du$t - "Big Bite" from "YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs"
Scott Making Sense - "Singing Werewolves Of London" from "The Apparent Bias Against Comedic Popular Music"
Thrice - "Buried In The Sun" from "Horizons East"
Big Mother Gig - "My Unveiling (feat. Caroline Kingsbury)" from "My Unveiling (feat. Caroline Kingsbury) [single]"
Sincere Engineer - "Recluse In The Making" from "Bless My Psyche"
Greer - "Happy People" from "Happy People [EP]"
Nordista Freeze - "All I Wanna Do" from "Big Sky Pipe Dream"
Emmett Mulrooney - "Fool" from "Fool [single]"
The Velveteers - "Brightest Light" from "Nightmare Daydream"
Underlined Passages - "Couples Therapy" from "Couples Therapy [single]"
you, me, and everyone we know - "I Don't Care Anymore, I'm Enough Now" from "Something Heavy"
Dirty Shrines - "Iron Blinders" from "Digital Ego"
Smallpools - "Migraine" from "Life In A Simulation"
Tom Moran - "Roommate Of A Friend Of Mine" from "Roommate Of A Friend Of Mine"
Bren Holmes - "Sweet Talkin' Angel" from "Everything You Never Wanted"
Gordie Tentrees - "Far Away Friends" from "Mean Old World"
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