Broadcast live on our station 9/20/21 @ 7pm

Robby B (Driving Underwater) - "Brandenburg Gate" from "9/11 For Peace"
El Dingo - "Daydream" from "Daydream [single]"
The Known Unknowns - "Four Legs Good" from "Four Legs Good [single]"
Joyer - "Worst Thing" from "Perfect Gray"
Quinn Kennedy - "Hmm" from "Hmm [single]"
'89 the Brainchild - "Don't Play In The Garden" from "the WORST of my 20's: part 3"
Tommy Strazza - "No More Sad Songs(About You)" from "No More Sad Songs(About You) [single]"
Cherry Parke - "Epistolary Jane" from "Painting a Song: Volume 35"
Joe Billy - "Turncoat" from "9/11 For Peace"
Black Mansions - "To My Grave" from "To My Grave [single]"
Pilot Waves - "Out on the Plane" from "Pilot Waves"
Tom Weiss - "Don't Call The Ghosts" from "Future Dreams"
Joker's Republic - "Bacon" from "9/11 For Peace"
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