Broadcast live on our station 9/13/21 @ 7pm

Ill-Advised - "Insurrection Lane" from "Lisieux III: Revenir - Last Conversations"
A Carousel Moon - "Brother Brother" from "Out Of Sequence [EP]"
Dean Howey - "X-Ray" from "Painting A Song: Volume 33"
Precious Bones - "This Is It" from "Magna Fractura"
Cold Weather Company - "Coalescence" from "Coalescence"
Bruce Tunkel - "To Myself I Must be True" from "2020 Visions"
Part-Time Custodian - "Window Seats" from "Crowned In Afterglow"
Brian St. John - "See Your Face Again" from "A Little Empathy"
Bob Perry - "Last Train" from "A World Like This"
Keep Flying - "5 Year Mess" from "Under Two"
Pete Jager - "Looking For A Reason" from "Bruise Your Contusion Vol 1"
Tough Honey - "Double Zero" from "Painting A Song: Volume 35"
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