Broadcast live on our station 9/7/21 @ 7pm

How I Became Invisible - "Waiting" from "The End Of The Dark"
Laura Stevenson - "Sandstorm" from "Laura Stevenson"
Scott Making Cents - "Celine Dion Covers" from "The Apparent Bias"
Nico Hedley - "Sounds So Familiar" from "Painterly"
ABBA - "Don't Shut Me Down" from "Voyage"
Coco - "Knots" from "Coco"
Noah Richardson - "Sunday Scaries" from "Sunday Scaries [single]"
Flossing - "On Read" from "Queen Of The Mall"
Hush Club - "Flying Over Utah" from "Flying Over Utah [single]"
Mountain Time - "Delivery Room" from "Saint Francis, Zookeeper"
The Arcadian Wild - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World [Tears For Fears cover]" from "Everybody Wants To Rule The World [single]"
Sierra Ferrell - "Made Like That" from "Long Time Coming"
Jeremy Ivey feat. Margo Price - "All Kinds Of Blue" from "All Kinds Of Blue [single]"
Yola - "Whatever You Want" from "Stand For Myself"
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