Broadcast live on our station 9/6/21 @ 7pm

Joe Billy - "Space Dick" from "Space Dick [single]"
Estrogents - "Couch Dweller" from "Estrogents"
well that's cool i guess - "Apathetic Smackathetic" from "Summer Songs - Split"
Rory D'Lasnow - "Where You Belong" from "Songs From An Empty Room"
David Vincent - "Everything" from "My Inner Exile"
Little Hag - "Cum" from "Breakfast EP"
Pat Veil - "Hell Bound" from "Bitchin'"
Sonic Blume - "Pink Boots" from "We're Drifting Further Apart, Aren't We?"
Lowlight - "Backwards Up The Slide" from "Strange Light"
Bob Perry - "Truckstop Sweetheart" from "A World Like This"
Brian St. John - "Falling Down" from "A Little Empathy"
Precious Bones - "The Only One" from "Magna Fractura"
Cold Weather Company - "Token" from "Coalescence"
Aaron Smith - "Start the Clock" from "Sand In The Hourglass"
Spirit fox - "Just Ask The Dragon" from "Arrival"
Dean Howey - "Doesn't Feel Like Home" from "Painting A Song: Volume 31"
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