Broadcast live on our station 8/9/21 @ 7pm

courtlyn louise - "terrified and bare (demo)" from "(terrified and) bare demos"
Val Emmich & Allie Moss - "Maybe We're Electric" from "Maybe We're Electric"
Ser Xerri - "Close 2 U" from "Close 2 U [single]"
Lowlight - "Blood" from "Strange Light"
Jack Skuller - "Pride" from "My Disappearing Act"
Paul Rosevear - "Family Tree" from "Halls of Time, Volume 1"
Pat Veil - "Dust Devil" from "Bitchin'"
Vigilante Cowboys - "On The Beach" from "On The Beach"
J Thoubbs - "Outcast" from "Imperfect Experiences"
Kimon - "Something To Write Home About" from "Something To Write Home About [single]"
boxset - "a lot" from "producer"
Quinn Kennedy - "No Closure" from "No Closure"
Precious Bones - "All She Wants" from "Magna Fractura"
Amerijam - "Ankor" from "Ankor [single]"
Sugar Water - "Fear - Heart" from "Fear"
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