Broadcast live on our station 8/3/21 @ 7pm

Chris Haise Band - "Ode To Poor Decisions" from "Half Of All Of Nothing"
Moonroof - "Bored and Numb" from "Bored and Numb [single]"
Prince - "Stand Up And B Strong" from "Welcome 2 America"
Neil Howell - "Gravitational Collapse" from "Compulsion"
The Real Minx - "Heather Hotwheelz" from "The Complete Recordings 1996"
Kerosene Stars - "Don't Pass Me By" from "Don't Pass Me By [single]"
Noga - "The Alchemist" from "The Alchemist"
Curtis Harding - "I Won't Let You Down" from "I Won't Let You Down [single]"
Atmosphere - "Fleetwood" from "Word? Side A"
Grizfolk - "Now That I Know" from "Grizfolk"
TORRES - "Hug From a Dinosaur" from "Thirstier"
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram - "My Bad" from "662"
John Flynn - "Stayin' Young (Is Sure Gettin' Old)" from "Wild Beat The Wings"
Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs - "Bootleg" from "Through The Smoke"
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