Broadcast live on our station 7/26/21 @ 7pm

LKFFCT - "Space Abound" from "Space Abound [single]"
Dread Eyes - "Hidden Scars" from "Dread Eyes"
the dt's - "You With Me" from "You With Me [single]"
AFTYN - "Ebb & Flow" from "Wherever I Am, There You Are"
Hello Whirled - "Shaking" from "For Ages, For A Minute"
Old Smile - "Lost In Your Vision" from "Four"
Troll Teeth - "Barbs On A Wire" from "Split EP"
Steve Bello - "Never Be The Sane" from "Mood Swings"
Man Destroyed Man - "Fantastic Fiction" from "They Lied / Fantastic Fiction"
Bud Lotus - "I Am Alive Today" from "Honey and Bones"
Elementality - "Join The Battle" from "Origins"
Ill-Advised - "Summer Shade" from "Summer Shade [single]"
Rob Lives - "I'm Just Sittin'" from "I'm Just Sittin' [single]"
Big Rips - "Everything Has Sucked Lately" from "Everything Has Sucked Lately [single]"
Driving Underwater - "Papers Please [Think Machine cover]" from "Driving Underwater vs. Think Machine: The Showdown of the Century"
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