Broadcast live on our station 7/12/21 @ 7pm

September's Ghost - "The Song Adam Wants To Play" from "The Song Adam Wants To Play [single]"
Side Street Walker - "Garden State" from "Building A Desert"
The Wheat Patrol - "Codependency" from "The Wheat Patrol ep"
Charles Only & The Quiet Drive Home - "The One That Got Away" from "The Last Last Waltz"
Loveseat Pete - "Harry / New Song" from "Harry / New Song [single]"
Alex Sieira - "Call My Name" from "Letters To You EP"
Lola Sage - "Summer Of '19" from "Summer Of '19 [single]"
Will Wiggins - "Wake Up Adelaide" from "Painting a Song: Volume 24"
Sprezzatura - "Social Chameleon" from "40 Woods Live Session"
Wallace Petruziello - "Pull" from "On A Porch"
Dean Howey - "Vamp" from "Painting a Song: Volume 25"
Machine Idle - "Raspberry" from "Raspberry [single]"
MrHartgrave - "Poison [Alice Cooper cover]" from "the solitarian - cover songs and other bullshit"
Worst Sumo - "drivers license [Olivia Rodrigo cover]" from "Covers 2019-2021"
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