Broadcast live on our station 7/6/21 @ 7pm

Destroy Boys - "Drink" from "Drink [single]"
Capital Theatre - "People" from "People [single]"
Twelve A.M. Flowers - "Darling Darling" from "Darling Darling [single]"
John Flynn - "Circle Of Love" from "Wild Beat The Wings"
Anna Elizabeth Laube - "Oh My! (Oh Me Oh me Oh My)" from "Annamania"
Beabadoobee - "Animal Noises" from "Our Extended Play"
Modest Mouse - "Walking And Running" from "The Golden Casket"
Darkbird - "Heartbeat" from "Heartbeat [single]"
DeBlocka - "Life's What You Make It" from "Life's What You Make It [single]"
Robert Finley - "All My Hope" from "Sharecropper's Son"
La Bouquet - "Love Is Overrated" from "Easy [single]"
Vacation Manor - "To Be Misunderstood" from "Vacation Manor"
Mike Maimone - "Roll Big River" from "Broke, Not Broken"
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - "Nickelodeon" from "Hope"
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