Broadcast live on our station 7/5/21 @ 7pm

Alex Sieira - "City Lights" from "Letters To You EP"
Syntax Valley - "The Sunshine In Your Smile" from "Good Morning EP"
Side Street Walker - "Am I Too Late" from "Building A Desert"
Cathedral Ceilings - "Over The Far And Hills Away" from "I'm A Band!"
Scarlet Magnum - "bought and souled" from "ghost stories and supernatural occurrences"
Turnpike Gates - "City In Heat" from "City In Heat"
Old Smile - "Strange Garden" from "Four"
Kyle Lim - "I Don't Really Care" from "kill 'em"
My So-Called UNDEAD Life - "The Departed" from "Diary Of Isolation"
The Toyminaker - "Mermaid Mood Ring" from "Painting a Song: Volume 18"
Quinn Kennedy - "Folly" from "Folly [single]"
Over The Counter - "Sticky Foot!" from "40 Woods Live Session"
Raymond Bally - "Path To Love" from "Love Chant"
Dex - "Mean" from "Destruction"
Fence - "Quidditch" from "Quidditch // 711"
Will Wiggins - "Love Direction" from "Painting a Song: Volume 23"
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