Broadcast live on our station 6/29/21 @ 7pm

How I Became Invisible - "Trouble Sleeping" from "Find Meaning In Demons"
The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt - "Black Candle" from "The King is Dead"
Ida Maria - "Sick Of You" from "Dirty Money EP"
Moonroof - "Sweatshirt" from "Sweatshirt [single]"
Diane and the Gentle Men - "The World Is A Goner" from "The World Is A Goner [single]"
Heartless Bastards - "How Low" from "A Beautiful Life"
Velvet Insane - "Backstreet Liberace" from "Rock 'n' Roll Glitter Suit"
The Tisburys - "Tear Us Apart" from "Tear Us Apart [single]"
The Vaccines - "Back In Love City" from "Back In Love City [single]"
Angelique Kidjo - "Choose Love (feat. Shungudzo)" from "Mother Nature"
Amythyst Kiah - "Opaque" from "Wary + Strange"
Danny Elfman - "Kick Me" from "Big Mess"
Ben Reel - "When I Was A Boy (2021 Version)" from "When I Was A Boy (2021 Version) [single]"
Luke LeBlanc - "Driving" from "Only Human"
Twiggy Branches - "The Radiant Twist" from "The Radiant Twist [single]"
Pom Pom Squad - "Red With Love" from "Death of a Cheerleader"
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