Broadcast live on our station 6/8/21 @ 7pm

The Cutthroat Barbers and Mike Watt - "Out Of Control" from "The King Is Dead"
Lesibu Grand - "Not Sweet Enough" from "Not Sweet Enough [single]"
Plizzken - "Dear All Happy People" from "...And Their Paradise Is Full ..."
Allison Russell - "Persephone" from "Outside Child"
Joon Moon - "Feel It (ft. Liv Warfield)" from "Feel It [single]"
Prince - "Born 2 Die" from "Welcome 2 America"
Small Black - "Tampa" from "Cheap Dreams"
Turnstile - "Mystery" from "Mystery [single]"
Charmer - "Diamond (Sprinkler)" from "Diamond (Sprinkler) [single]"
They Might Be Giants - "I Broke My Own Rule" from "Book"
Left Field Messiah - "Feels Like Summer" from "In Praise Of Bombast"
Orson Wilds - "dec 19" from "dec 19 [single]"
The Raging Nathans - "Overworked" from "Waste My Heart"
Junior Varsity - "Cold Blood" from "Cold Blood [single]"
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