Broadcast live on our station 6/7/21 @ 7pm

Latewaves - "Sympathy (and Validation)" from "Hell To Pay"
Bacon Hammer - "Brood X" from "Brood X [single]"
Swamp City Rockers - "Double Dragon" from "Back To The Beach"
The Mighty Alrighty - "You're Everything (The Ballad Of Gregg)" from "Love Happens (Songs Inspired By The Film)"
Alex Sieira - "I Miss You" from "I Miss You [single]"
Painted Young - "OMG" from "The Smallest Similarities"
Jenny Erwin - "Nice Dream" from "Singles"
The Cucumbers - "Handle With Care" from "The Desk Drawer Tapes"
Daddy's Closet - "Sublime Goodbye" from "COPE"
J Thoubbs - "Along For The Ride" from "Ultimate Mixtape v3"
Five Dollar Day - "Butterflies" from "Cage Legs"
.lostyears. - "Cheese Smells Good" from "Cheese Smells Good [single]"
Loveseat Pete - "Let's Shake Hands (Demo)" from "Harry / New Song (Acoustic)"
Modern Chemistry - "hayley," from "hayley, [single]"
Shinner - "Forced" from "Shinorp"
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