Broadcast live on our station 6/1/21 @ 7pm

GWAR - "Fuck This Place" from "Disc With No Name"
Cop Kid - "Reservoir Beach" from "Reservoir Beach [single]"
Shad - "Work" from "Work [single]"
Needles//Pins - "A Rather Strained Apologetic" from "Needles//Pins"
Gross Tapes - "Pizza Burger Deluxe" from "Pizza Burger Deluxe [single]"
Nigel Hall - "Wake Me" from "Spiritual"
Clowns - "Does It Matter?" from "Does It Matter? [single]"
The Linda Lindas - "Racist, Sexist Boy" from "Racist, Sexist Boy [single]"
Neighborhood Brats - "I Want You" from "Confines of Life"
Anne E DeChant - "What Do You Care" from "What Do You Care [single]"
Paul Carrack - "You're Not Alone" from "You're Not Alone [single]"
Lord Huron - "I Lied" from "Long Lost"
Blood Lemon - "Leave The Gaslight On" from "Blood Lemon"
FUR - "The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life" from "The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life [single]"
The Crew - "One Voice" from "One Voice [single]"
We Were Sharks - "Shameless" from "New Low"
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