Broadcast live on our station 5/17/21 @ 7pm
All songs played on Presents New NJ Music become part of our regular station programming

Every Damn Day - "Thanks!" from "Thanks! [single]"
The Random Hubiak - "Hip Little City" from "Hip Little City [single]"
Loveseat Pete - "Pajama Sam" from "Pajama Sam [single]"
Sonofdov - "Reviver" from "Reviver [single]"
The Successful Failures - "Dallas Bethany" from "Dallas Bethany [single]"
Alex Julia - "Like The Sun" from "Like The Sun [single]"
Commons 2 - "Picture Yourself" from "Picture Yourself [single]"
Black Mansions - "Revenge (Ministry cover)" from "[Patreon exclusive]"
My So-Called UNDEAD Life - "The Haunted" from "Diary Of Isolation"
City Line - "Riptide" from "Riptide [single]"
Hello Whirled - "Please Stop Dancing" from "No Victories"
Dog Date - "Rope Burn" from "Child's Play"
well that's cool i guess - "Sailor" from "d(emo)"
Tim Foljahn - "I Can't Decide" from "I Dreamed A Dream"
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