Broadcast live on our station 5/10/21 @ 7pm
All songs played on Presents New NJ Music become part of our regular station programming

Backyard Superheroes - "Music In My Head" from "Music In My Head [single]"
Trent Carr - "Teeth" from "Teeth [single]"
Turnpike Gates - "Seasick" from "City In Heat"
Gina Royale - "Here's To You" from "Here's To You [single]"
Kathleen Elle - "Nervous" from "Nervous [single]"
Rawan - "Not Your Remedy (acoustic)" from "Not Your Remedy (acoustic) [single]"
Foxhedge - "Roof" from "Fozhenge"
Dentist - "Let Me Let Go" from "Let Me Let Go [single]"
Hit Like A Girl - "Wanna Be Loved (Live)" from "Live from AGL Sounds"
Scarlet Magnum - "Sinking Stone" from "Sinking Stone [single]"
Dean Howey - "Deceiving" from "Painting a Song: Volume 17"
Superjudge - "Bothering" from "Octopus"
John Van Ness - "Chasing a Dream" from "Calmer Heads Will Prevail"
shut up, madison - "complex lover" from "scraps, demos, ideas, whatsits and whathaveyous"
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