Broadcast live on our station 5/3/21 @ 7pm
All songs played on Presents New NJ Music become part of our regular station programming

J Thoubbs - "New Life V.2" from "Ultimate Mixtape V.2"
John Cozz - "Greyhound" from "Relish On The Good Times"
Mark Parker - "Stupidity Is Driving" from "Challenged"
Mind Your Manners - "You'll Die Here" from "You'll Die Here [single]"
Skylar Pocket - "Evelyn" from "Evelyn [single]"
Graduation Speech - "Dare To Try" from "Private Anxieties"
Erika Sherger - "No Guarantees" from "Like Birds"
The Maravines - "The Snake and Rhinoceros" from "Avon-by-the-Sea"
John Van Ness - "Red Flag White Flag (feat. Tauree)" from "Calmer Heads Will Prevail"
HoneyWine - "Candy Eyes" from "& Company"
Pat XY - "Eternal Midnight" from "St. Control"
millerne - "All the Shit We Used to Do in Middle School" from "All the Shit We Used to Do in Middle School [single]"
By Torchlight - "Lonely Nights (Reimagined)" from "Lonely Nights (Reimagined) [single]"
Top Tier Shit Beer - "Coasterphobia" from "Contrast"
Black Chalk - "Had Still" from "Eagle"
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