Broadcast live on our station 4/12/21 @ 7pm
All songs played on Presents New NJ Music become part of our regular station programming

Dw Dunphy - "(I'm Not Here To Be) Your Conscience" from "Charm Offensive"
Mark Parker - "Live In A Daydream 2021" from "Live In A Daydream [single]"
Prototype:AT - "Corsairs of Callisto" from "Painting a Song: Volume 13"
Phavors - "Waste Time (Live)" from "Phavors Live 2021"
Kiara Barker, Curtis Thomson - "In The Shade" from "In The Shade"
Hit Like A Girl - "Inside of My Head" from "Heart Racer"
Mike S Graziano - "XIII" from "Doom Psalms [demo]"
One Hundred Thousand - "Libra" from "Zodiac"
Dead To The Last Man - "When You Wake Up" from "Panic Attack!"
tony appleseed - "Justice" from "Conjecture"
methadone clinic - "suicide (original demo)" from "lying in the backyard pretending to be asleep"
Rick Barry - "Blind Pilot (Tara Dente cover)" from "Relics, Volume 1"
Jacob Mathews - "Don't Tell" from "Don't Tell [single]"
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