Broadcast live on our station 4/6/21 @ 7pm

Evan Greer - "Tyranny of Either/Or" from "Spotify is Surveillance"
Neil Howell - "Shaking (feat. Brandon Townley)" from "Prairie"
Cattera - "Hunger of the Beast" from "Hunger of the Beasdt [single]"
Lyrics Born & Cutso - "ANTI from "ANTI [single]"
Pote - "Young Lies (ft. Damon Albarn)" from "A Tenuous Tale Of Her"
Dreamers - "Palm Reader (ft. Big Boi x Upsahl)" from "Palm Reader EP"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Botify The People (Acoustic)" from "Botify The People (Acoustic)"
Amigo The Devil - "Another Man's Grave" from "Born Against"
Hey, King! - "Sorry" from "Hey, King!"
Nick Waterhouse - "Vincentine" from "Promenade Blue"
Ratboys - "Space Blows" from "Happy Birthday, Ratboy"
Lo Talker - "Don't Hide That Light (Pt 2)" from "A Comedy Of Errors"
Bellows - "Learning How To Cry" from "Trans Musicians & Allies For Change"
Jade Jackson - "6FT Changes" from "6FT Changes [single]"
Ego Kill Talent - "Silence" from "The Dance Between Extremes"
Minor Moon - "Was There Anything Else" from "Tethers"
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