Broadcast live on our station 4/5/21 @ 7pm
All songs played on Presents New NJ Music become part of our regular station programming

Skylar Pocket - "Honeywater" from "Honeywater [single]"
Big Rips - "Planet of Dipshits" from "Little Rips"
Ruby Bones - "Drink All Night" from "Laser Tooth Tiger"
Gina Royale - "Low" from "Low [single]"
Dana Why - "Raspberries" from "Raspberries [single]"
Old Smile - "Substance/Friend" from "Blurry Sign"
Mike Chick - "The High Life Let Me Down Again Last Night" from "The High Life Let Me Down Again Last Night [single]"
The Great American Satan - "Fatalism" from "Disillusioned Youth"
One Hundred Thousand - "Taurus" from "Zodiac"
Dustin James - "Your Blithesome Little Lie" from "After the Things of Nature E.P."
Jacob Mathews - "A Little More Trust" from "A Little More Trust [single]"
Sean Faust - "Gin Asylum" from "Gin Asylum [single]"
Say Who and the What Now? - "Scrimshaw My Bones (Ashes on the Beach Version)" from "It's All A Lie"
Hit Like A Girl - "Laundry List" from "Heart Racer"
Civic Mimic - "New Paint" from "Deep Clean"
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