Broadcast live on our station 3/15/21 @ 7pm

Anthony Walker - "Wolves Can Wait" from "Wolves Can Wait [single]"
Carson - "Rocket" from "Carson EP"
Morningside Lane - "Home Crowd" from "Home Crowd [single]"
Little Dipper - "Four" from "The Lines That Divide Us"
Vincent Brue - "Big Heart" from "Brutopia Rising"
OK Friends - "In Love" from "OK Friendless"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "You're All That I Want" from "Sophomore Slump"
Teenage Halloween - "Drivin' On 9 (The Breeders cover)" from "Trans Musicians & Allies For Change"
Mike Teevee - "oof" from "book of hymns for those on a diet"
Staten - "jupiter years (ft. orion lake)" from "jupiter years"
Hemlock Point - "Succubus" from "Hemlock Point"
Dustin James - "Your Blithesome Little Life" from "After The Things of Nature E.P."
Ian & The Joes - "While You're Here" from "While You're Here"
methadone clinic - "i wanna be special" from "methadone clinic"
Hello Whirled - "The Way It Is" from "EP6: A Hallway Lined With Cramped Rooms"
bean seat - "my heart wants you sober (demo)" from "my heart wants you sober (demo) [single]"
Aquatic Overflow - "Extended Family (where are they)" from "Aquatic Overflow/Plane Crash Noises - Split"
.lostyears. - "Why Is Every .lostyears. Song In The Key Of G?" from "Sadbois 2021"
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