Broadcast live on our station 3/9/21 @ 7pm

Neil Howell - "Economics" from "Prairie"
No Year - "Sundown" from "So Long"
Sydney Sprague - "Steve" from "Maybe I Will See You At The End Of The World"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Scream Into The Void (Acoustic)" from "Botify The People (Acoustic)"
Ratboys - "Go Outside" from "Go Outside [single]"
Adult Mom - "Berlin" from "Driver"
Ugli - "House Pet" from "House Pet [single]"
We Were Sharks - "Problems" from "New Low"
Bakers Eddy - "21" from "21 [single]"
Maple Glider - "Good Thing" from "Good Thing [single]"
Conditioner - "Leonora" from "Leonora [single]"
St. Vincent - "Pay Your Way in Pain" from "Daddy's Home"
Zayde W0lf - "Madness" from "Neon Blood Type"
Lionel Boy - "Flower Girl" from "Flower Girl [single]"
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