Broadcast live on our station 2/23/21 @ 7pm

Moonroof - "Vanilla" from "Vanilla [single]"
Teenage Wrist - "New Emotion" from "Earth Is A Black Hole"
Devon Kay & The Solutions - "Frustrated People Of The World, Unite!" from "Frustrated People Of The World, Unite! [single]"
The Arcadian Wild - "Summer: Walk" from "Principium"
Tracy Colleto - "Diving In" from "Diving In [single]"
Niceness - "Small Things" from "Realize"
Deap Valley - "High Horse (feat. KT Tunstall & Peaches)" from "Digital Dream"
Manchester Orchestra - "Bed Head" from "The Million Masks Of God"
Pale Waves - "Tomorrow" from "Who Am I?"
The Antlers - "Just One Sec" from "Green To Gold"
Aerial East - "The Things We Build" from "Try Harder"
Lord Huron - "Not Dead Yet" from "Not Dead Yet [single]"
Ben Rice - "American" from "Future Pretend"
Kalu & The Electric Joint - "Downfall" from "Downfall [single]"
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