Broadcast live on our station 2/22/21 @ 7pm

Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Stop The Clock" from "Sophomore Slump"
Johnny Trashed - "Super Oi! Pogo... Whatever" from "Toilet Songs (Live From The Shitter)"
Trojan Warfare - "Helen" from "Trojan Warfare"
Jason Michael - "Arbor Day" from "Gemini"
Hello Whirled - "Crown Of Fools" from "EP4: Bastard Open Mic"
Commons 2 - "Hands" from "Hands [single]"
Jess Harkness - "Personal Reasons" from "Interim"
Vincent Brue - "St. Valentine" from "Humor Me (a work in progress)"
Sunblossom - "Mirror Man" from "Little Star Cloud"
Sean Henry Tonight! - "A Pickaxe To My Heart" from "A Pickaxe To My Heart [single]"
Mister More - "Be With Me" from "EP.1"
Jason Didner - "Run With My Troubles" from "Run With My Troubles [single]"
Bus Window - "Undone" from "Flying High (2002 - 2005)"
Terry McCarthy - "The Moment" from "Home"
JD & The Daydreams - "I Digress" from "Sirens"
Five Dollar Day - "Pass The Wine" from "There Is Always Hope To Lose"
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