Broadcast live on our station 2/1/21 @ 7pm

Colossal Street Jam - "No Way To Live" from "No Way To Live [single]"
Katfish Earl - "Have You Seen My Heart" from "Quarantine Sessions 1/23/21"
Keith Beck - "Me And You (Hey Hey Bye Bye)" from "Scorpio"
Sonoa - "Forward Motion" from "Forward Motion"
Old Friends - "Place To Hide" from "Place To Hide [single]"
Blue Vervain - "Numbs Me Out" from "North Carolina"
The Last Martyr - "Identity" from "Identity [single]"
Powerlines - "Sober" from "Sober [single]"
ghostfuneral - "The Tragic Tale Of The Catstronaut, pt 1" from "Ghostfuneral"
Civic Mimic - "Grass Placebo" from "Selective Listening"
Daddies - "I'm Your Man" from "EP II"
Psychiatric Metaphors - "Please Don't Sniff / The Knives" from "Body Snatchers"
dorks for days - "glass wall (uh oh no)" from "I'm a Glass Wall"
Sandraann Leporiere Cordone - "Looking Up" from "Head in the Clouds"
A Brief Introduction - "Crafting Memories" from "Fading of Thought"
they don't deserve to know - "South Star" from "A Year In The Life"
Vincent Brue - "Slow Cooker" from "Humor Me (a work in progress)"
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