Broadcast live on our station 1/25/21 @ 7pm

Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "She Is Fine" from "She Is Fine [single]"
Pencey Prep - "PS Don't Write" from "Heartbreak In Stereo"
Ditz - "Cockroach" from "Programmed to Suck"
Commons 2 - "Upjumped" from "Upjumped [single]"
TheBandLunch - "Song 3" from "The Attic"
Dummy - "Suddenly" from "Suddenly [single]"
Jackie June - "Afterglow" from "Afterglow [single]"
Project Atlantic - "Dead Leaves (Can You Hear My Voice?)" from "Painting a Song: Volume 1"
ghostfuneral - "Bamboo" from "Ghostfuneral"
Somebody Club - "No Sleep" from "No Sleep"
Jake Gussman - "Point A" from "Point A"
John Cozz - "Details" from "John Cozz and His Stinky Feet"
Trojan Warfare - "Lost In Space/Another Day" from "Trojan Warfare"
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